This website very new an still under consturction.

About Me

Hi! My name is [ERROR 404] but you may refer to me as CTN and I would love to tell you a bit about myself.

My History

In late 2018 I quit my school because it was not a good fit, but after a month or 2 I got bored with all the free time I had, so I got off my lazy ass and finally started learning stuff I was interested in, like programming, Graphic Designing, Teaching others and a lot more.

One year later and I’m getting somewhere with it.

My Skills

As I’ve mentioned after I quit school I started learning a lot of things that I was interested in like:


Back in late 2018 I came across a video on YouTube about programming. This video sort of inspired me to try out programming. I started with the programming language Python because I heard that was the easiest language to start off with. After I installed Python, I started working on some sort of story telling game. My idea was to create a really simple game that told a story and while going thru the story you had some options to choose from like: Does he go to the bridge? [Yes/No] or, which way do you want to go? [A: Left. B: Right] and so on.
I had quite a bit of fun making this but eventually I wanted to add too much advanced stuff that I was not able to figure out, so I quit working on it and kind of gave up on Python.

4 months later I was searching for some kind of program that I could download where I could create and set hotkeys on my computer to make some tasks easier, that’s when I found a program named AutoHotKey. I installed it and didn’t understand it at first, but after reading thru a tutorial I was hooked!
The reason I loved AutoHotKey so much is because it was so easy to just do some simple things without really understanding the basics of programming, and on top of that I soon discovered it was also really easy to create a simple GUI with buttons, text and a lot more.

After I spend some time learning AutoHotKey I again got inspired by a video on YouTube, this video was about the game engine “Unity”. More about that in Game Development.

Game Development

Website Development

Graphic Design

Making Music

Teaching Others